Relationships and …. leasing

Most of the relationships are like a … leasing with a high interest . Unlike the leasing contract , here … you pay the high interest only if you leave .

We stay and we pay every day a little , trying to postpone the final moment of payment . This … until we reach an age , when no one gives us credit anymore .

So …. we stay in a relationship which , if it would’ve been a car , it would have ended up right in the car’s cemetery . So … the money you would’ve had obtained as a …consolation prize from the car’s cemetery , you could’ve get drunk and use the tram . At least … in this way … you would’ve seen a bit more people .

There are a lot of people that want a sensational relationship , when they don’t even have a good relationship with themselves . They want to be understood , when they don’t even know for themselves who they are .

People that are complaining because their friends aren’t helping them , without being able to see that they just don’t have friends . ( for different reasons )

There are women who opted and got stuck to a man , because they were not married at 30 . At 31…they met the one with whom they would’ve got married at ANY age . A lo are remaining and …. boling in their own sauce ( not to say unhappiness or … who knows what big words ) Even more are getting divorced .Their friends are wondering : ” Why did it lasted only that time , this marriage ? ” Simple : that marriage should’ve not even exist from the start .

There are men that …. assure themselves an inheritor with a boring woman . The inheritor looks like her . They send him to football . No use . His child … is not really …. his child .

Pay attention after ….

He goes out to a barbeque with the colleagues . Thatnice looking woman that he did not considered good enough to bethe mother of his inheritor has some bright twins .He would’ve liked to raise them , but yeah … there is someone that is taking care of this , already .

We , men , resign easy , with the thought that others had more luck even when they took what we … throwed .But yeah ! She was not looking that good when she was with me , otherwise , I would’ve kept her .

Truth is …. that is not about luck , and that woman looks better now because ….she is HAPPY . With another one . Cause … you weren’t capable .

Life is a train in which the bored ones , the stressed ones and the ones dissapointed by the relationships they have , are staying with their nose sticked on the windows , hoping that they will see something interesting in the first train station , while they hold their temporary half’s hand . Just for any eventuality .

The only thing is that … they are also looking around them …and … on the corridors of the trains …there are still people passing by .

~ by ankhsun on January 30, 2015.

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