Today …I’ll forgive myself

Today …I’ll forgive myself . I think that’s the only way of going further . I’ll forgive myself because … I am tired to blame myself that much for everything I have done or haven’t done .I’ve been my own judge and meanwhile , I ended up being my own executor .

Enough !!!

I blamed myself enough for all mistakes I’ve made , for all the words I’ve said when nervous , for hurting people that were not deserving it . I blamed myself for all the promises I couldn’t keep . Blamed myself for what I’ve been , and for not being able to become who I’ve always wanted to be .

I blamed myself for my own unhappiness and for other’s and I admited and accepted it . Blamed myself for what I haven’t said or done at the right moment , for abandoned roads , and for not having the courage to listen to my heart . Blamed myself when I ended up in front of some doors that were locked for good . Blamed myself because I didn’t knew to appreciate certain people , for sending away from me people that loved me . Blamed myself for not being mature when I should’ve been and a child when I needed to be . Blamed myself for choices made ,for losing , for dreams that I did not fulfilled and for living sometimes …only half measure . Blamed myself for being superficial , for not knowing to forgive at the right moment .

Today … I’ll forgive myself . I’ll make peace with myself , my past life and the others , because …that’s the only way I can go forward . I have all the reasons  to forgive myself ….

~ by ankhsun on February 10, 2015.

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