Beauty is not a job !

My mother has Madonna’s age . As far as I know , she didn’t appeared in any videoclip lately , nor on the Vogue’s cover . She doesn’t go to fitness club couple hours a day , she doesn’t have a yoga instructor , no does she has a stylist .

To compare yourself with a star , a supermodel or a fashion icon when is about beauty , is as you’d compare yourself to Usain Bolt when you do the timing of your morning jogging .Is unreal , frustrating and dangerous for your social life . And that’s because you’ll end up believing that a wish is a job .Because you would assign yourself the pressure of a perfect , but ilusory image .

Against all these , every weekend , in most of the clubs , the atmosphere seems to be one like there is a Miss contest organised , or…casting for xxx industry .
Any type of party gathers huge mass of girls and women that are too preocupied by their own look …. so preocupied that they forget to give any atention to the conversation .
For me , professional beauty of a trophy wife/ trophy lover , is available only in the 80’s soap operas , next to a low class mobster or …. in the left side of a teenager that mixes the car horn with ” Hello ” and declarations with the 6th gear …

I would say that beauty exercised till routine , becomes…routine , boredness doesn’t inspire compliments , nor future plans .
A…. ” doll” doesn’t offer any repers , any conversational tip …it just frustrates and limits .
Beauty shouldn’t be … worked or exercised , but cultivated and practiced . It’s a process that can last for years and has no connection with the …fast forward magic from the ” Extreme makeover ” type of reality shows .
It can not be milimetric adjusted through plastic surgery , teeth whitening process , breast implants or …sofisticated makeup.
It is a …background process and not a …foundation process .

The fertile ground for beauty is …culture . If not general one , at least …visual one .You can obtain it browsing glossy magazines , which ideally should be the equivalent of a fashion , art or design exhibition , but ….is not enough !
You can develop your intuition and sense of beauty by reading , writing , attending art exhibitions , theatre , cultural events . Women I value knows more painter names than cosmetic brands and they would pick up a vintage blouse from a pile of clothes , without hesitation .
Except this , beauty needs a …favorable climate to develop , comfort , joy of life , love , relaxing …It can not develop of …obligations .
The fast forward program of a day that includes pool – job – fitness – tasteless lunch – job – cosmetician – shopping – yoga , is good for a …professional athlete , for a small percent of this population .For the rest of the world , this can be a toxic program . Though …from the phisical point of view , you’ll be good prepared for the Weekend Esthetic Contest, from the spiritual side …you’ll be mentally poluted with frustrations .

Under the pressure of accepted standard of beauty and of …drastic diets to reach this standard , you will reach a sad and asexual type of beauty …that could look good for a very limited period of time and in strict conditions ( like a contest or a show ) but useless in the social context .
I like the soft and wise type of beauty of the young mothers , their deep look , that they have it without needing to use mascara . I like the trash indie beauty of young girls that are 100 % of their time preocupied to take their tongue out to the …System , I like the beauty of 40 years old ladies who have seen alot and took their time to understand and accept the experiences life put them through .

Beauty cultivated in a honest and patient manner , needs a public of a certain level to see , appreciate and understand it ….

~ by ankhsun on June 2, 2015.

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