Let’s just …. love and …be !

Let’s just be ! To know eachother , to hope , to love . Let’s not try to know or to define our relationship .Happiness with two happy people ? Crazyness ? Lush madness ? As long as we feel eachother , what does it matter ? Let’s wish more and live today !
Let’s not promise anything , as we might not keep our promisses . Let’s not limit to a formal love , as we might regret it someday .
Let’s just … love and be !
Let’s just simply … be together . To wake up in the morning from the same coffee aroma . To feel accomplished from the same kiss . To hold ou hands in a world full of cold people . To get warmth from this . Let’s not expect the impossible ! Might be that … perfect love does not even exist . Or , maybe … perfect are the mornings with you . Let’s not care what people say . They are empty and lack feelings.
Let’s just … love and be !

Let’s just simply … talk to eachother . Feeling . Living . Let’s just let the silence to speak for us . Let’s just be some lucid dreamers who knows to share moments of peace . Let’s just hear eachother tomorrow also , from the same reason . And the day after tomorrow . For other days …we’ll see what time brings us . Let’s just ….pass the criticism to the ones that are good at it . So for misunderstandings . As for us … let’s just love !
Let’s just …. love and be !

Let’s just …be ! No promises . No expecting the impossible .
You’ll be with me and I’ll be with you .
Let’s just … be one for eachother !
In peace.
In silence…
But …. for real !

~ by ankhsun on June 23, 2015.

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