Let’s just …. love and …be !

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Let’s just be ! To know eachother , to hope , to love . Let’s not try to know or to define our relationship .Happiness with two happy people ? Crazyness ? Lush madness ? As long as we feel eachother , what does it matter ? Let’s wish more and live today !
Let’s not promise anything , as we might not keep our promisses . Let’s not limit to a formal love , as we might regret it someday .
Let’s just … love and be !
Let’s just simply … be together . To wake up in the morning from the same coffee aroma . To feel accomplished from the same kiss . To hold ou hands in a world full of cold people . To get warmth from this . Let’s not expect the impossible ! Might be that … perfect love does not even exist . Or , maybe … perfect are the mornings with you . Let’s not care what people say . They are empty and lack feelings.
Let’s just … love and be !

Let’s just simply … talk to eachother . Feeling . Living . Let’s just let the silence to speak for us . Let’s just be some lucid dreamers who knows to share moments of peace . Let’s just hear eachother tomorrow also , from the same reason . And the day after tomorrow . For other days …we’ll see what time brings us . Let’s just ….pass the criticism to the ones that are good at it . So for misunderstandings . As for us … let’s just love !
Let’s just …. love and be !

Let’s just …be ! No promises . No expecting the impossible .
You’ll be with me and I’ll be with you .
Let’s just … be one for eachother !
In peace.
In silence…
But …. for real !

Beauty is not a job !

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My mother has Madonna’s age . As far as I know , she didn’t appeared in any videoclip lately , nor on the Vogue’s cover . She doesn’t go to fitness club couple hours a day , she doesn’t have a yoga instructor , no does she has a stylist .

To compare yourself with a star , a supermodel or a fashion icon when is about beauty , is as you’d compare yourself to Usain Bolt when you do the timing of your morning jogging .Is unreal , frustrating and dangerous for your social life . And that’s because you’ll end up believing that a wish is a job .Because you would assign yourself the pressure of a perfect , but ilusory image .

Against all these , every weekend , in most of the clubs , the atmosphere seems to be one like there is a Miss contest organised , or…casting for xxx industry .
Any type of party gathers huge mass of girls and women that are too preocupied by their own look …. so preocupied that they forget to give any atention to the conversation .
For me , professional beauty of a trophy wife/ trophy lover , is available only in the 80’s soap operas , next to a low class mobster or …. in the left side of a teenager that mixes the car horn with ” Hello ” and declarations with the 6th gear …

I would say that beauty exercised till routine , becomes…routine , boredness doesn’t inspire compliments , nor future plans .
A…. ” doll” doesn’t offer any repers , any conversational tip …it just frustrates and limits .
Beauty shouldn’t be … worked or exercised , but cultivated and practiced . It’s a process that can last for years and has no connection with the …fast forward magic from the ” Extreme makeover ” type of reality shows .
It can not be milimetric adjusted through plastic surgery , teeth whitening process , breast implants or …sofisticated makeup.
It is a …background process and not a …foundation process .

The fertile ground for beauty is …culture . If not general one , at least …visual one .You can obtain it browsing glossy magazines , which ideally should be the equivalent of a fashion , art or design exhibition , but ….is not enough !
You can develop your intuition and sense of beauty by reading , writing , attending art exhibitions , theatre , cultural events . Women I value knows more painter names than cosmetic brands and they would pick up a vintage blouse from a pile of clothes , without hesitation .
Except this , beauty needs a …favorable climate to develop , comfort , joy of life , love , relaxing …It can not develop of …obligations .
The fast forward program of a day that includes pool – job – fitness – tasteless lunch – job – cosmetician – shopping – yoga , is good for a …professional athlete , for a small percent of this population .For the rest of the world , this can be a toxic program . Though …from the phisical point of view , you’ll be good prepared for the Weekend Esthetic Contest, from the spiritual side …you’ll be mentally poluted with frustrations .

Under the pressure of accepted standard of beauty and of …drastic diets to reach this standard , you will reach a sad and asexual type of beauty …that could look good for a very limited period of time and in strict conditions ( like a contest or a show ) but useless in the social context .
I like the soft and wise type of beauty of the young mothers , their deep look , that they have it without needing to use mascara . I like the trash indie beauty of young girls that are 100 % of their time preocupied to take their tongue out to the …System , I like the beauty of 40 years old ladies who have seen alot and took their time to understand and accept the experiences life put them through .

Beauty cultivated in a honest and patient manner , needs a public of a certain level to see , appreciate and understand it ….

Today …I’ll forgive myself

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Today …I’ll forgive myself . I think that’s the only way of going further . I’ll forgive myself because … I am tired to blame myself that much for everything I have done or haven’t done .I’ve been my own judge and meanwhile , I ended up being my own executor .

Enough !!!

I blamed myself enough for all mistakes I’ve made , for all the words I’ve said when nervous , for hurting people that were not deserving it . I blamed myself for all the promises I couldn’t keep . Blamed myself for what I’ve been , and for not being able to become who I’ve always wanted to be .

I blamed myself for my own unhappiness and for other’s and I admited and accepted it . Blamed myself for what I haven’t said or done at the right moment , for abandoned roads , and for not having the courage to listen to my heart . Blamed myself when I ended up in front of some doors that were locked for good . Blamed myself because I didn’t knew to appreciate certain people , for sending away from me people that loved me . Blamed myself for not being mature when I should’ve been and a child when I needed to be . Blamed myself for choices made ,for losing , for dreams that I did not fulfilled and for living sometimes …only half measure . Blamed myself for being superficial , for not knowing to forgive at the right moment .

Today … I’ll forgive myself . I’ll make peace with myself , my past life and the others , because …that’s the only way I can go forward . I have all the reasons  to forgive myself ….

Relationships and …. leasing

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Most of the relationships are like a … leasing with a high interest . Unlike the leasing contract , here … you pay the high interest only if you leave .

We stay and we pay every day a little , trying to postpone the final moment of payment . This … until we reach an age , when no one gives us credit anymore .

So …. we stay in a relationship which , if it would’ve been a car , it would have ended up right in the car’s cemetery . So … the money you would’ve had obtained as a …consolation prize from the car’s cemetery , you could’ve get drunk and use the tram . At least … in this way … you would’ve seen a bit more people .

There are a lot of people that want a sensational relationship , when they don’t even have a good relationship with themselves . They want to be understood , when they don’t even know for themselves who they are .

People that are complaining because their friends aren’t helping them , without being able to see that they just don’t have friends . ( for different reasons )

There are women who opted and got stuck to a man , because they were not married at 30 . At 31…they met the one with whom they would’ve got married at ANY age . A lo are remaining and …. boling in their own sauce ( not to say unhappiness or … who knows what big words ) Even more are getting divorced .Their friends are wondering : ” Why did it lasted only that time , this marriage ? ” Simple : that marriage should’ve not even exist from the start .

There are men that …. assure themselves an inheritor with a boring woman . The inheritor looks like her . They send him to football . No use . His child … is not really …. his child .

Pay attention after ….

He goes out to a barbeque with the colleagues . Thatnice looking woman that he did not considered good enough to bethe mother of his inheritor has some bright twins .He would’ve liked to raise them , but yeah … there is someone that is taking care of this , already .

We , men , resign easy , with the thought that others had more luck even when they took what we … throwed .But yeah ! She was not looking that good when she was with me , otherwise , I would’ve kept her .

Truth is …. that is not about luck , and that woman looks better now because ….she is HAPPY . With another one . Cause … you weren’t capable .

Life is a train in which the bored ones , the stressed ones and the ones dissapointed by the relationships they have , are staying with their nose sticked on the windows , hoping that they will see something interesting in the first train station , while they hold their temporary half’s hand . Just for any eventuality .

The only thing is that … they are also looking around them …and … on the corridors of the trains …there are still people passing by .

No mistakes in the tango , not like life … ;) ( Thank you )

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Il bacio vero ….

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Chiudere gli occhi , sentire il cuore che batte , un brivio lungo la schiena , un istante di confusione , pensare che e durato troppo poco , volerne un altro subito , le mani ti tremano , ti viene l’impresione che sia solo un sogno , pensarci per tutta la notte , riguardalo con la voglia matta di portalo via da tutti il resto del mondo x averlo solo tuo …Ma all’improvviso tutto finisce , rimane solo un ricordo di quel bacio …Un bacio intramontabile….

Mi-e imposibil fara tine

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Adrian Paunescu – Mi-e imposibil fara tine

Nici nu mai stiu daca erai frumoasa
Si nici in ce culori iti sta ma bine,
Stiu doar ca amintirea nu ma lasa
Si ca mi-e imposibil fara tine

Vizionez femei nenumarate,
Femei interesante ma mai suna,
Dar rece si strain ma simt de toate
Si nu ma vad cu ele impreuna.

Nu pot nici sa-mi explic intreaga drama,
Care-a decurs din intalnirea noastra,
Dar vechiul loc al dragostei ma cheama
Si tu imi faci cu mana la fereastra,

Subtile explicatii cui i-as cere ?
Tot prostul face pe interesantul
Si-n condamnarea asta la tacere,
Mai conversesz de-a surda, cu neantul.

Si cum sa transformam iubirea-n ura,
De ce nu noi, ci solii sa lucreze,
Si sa patam simtirea cea mai pura,
Punand incendiul tot in paranteze ?

N-as vrea sa te-ndarjesc sau sa te sperii,
Nici sa te fac sa te-ndoiesti de tine,
Dar eu te-am adorat fara criterii,
Este bolnav, al patimii depline.

De dragul tau, am fost cu lumea-n lupta,
Te-am aparat de barfe si de crivat,
Si dupa toata veghea ne-ntrerupta,
Cedez numai in lupta impotriva-ti.

Si, totusi, tu ai fost cea mai frumoasa,
La mine-n brate iti fusese bine,
Obsesia iubirii nu ma lasa
Si-mi este imposibil fara tine.

Mi-e dor…

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Dacă ți-aș spune că mi-e dor, s-ar schimba ceva?
Pentru că mi-e dor.
Atât de dor.

Mi-e dor de prieteni. Ne-am înstrăinat cu toții și nu ne mai recunoaștem.
Mi-e dor de bunătate. Mai sunt doar câțiva oameni despre care poți spune că lipsa lor ar crea un gol imens în lume.
Mi-e dor de mâini care îți spun povești atunci când te mângâie liniștit pe păr.
Mi-e dor de ochi care râd. În fiecare zi văd numai ochi triști și obosiți.
Mi-e dor de joacă. Am încetat să ne mai jucăm și am devenit tot mai serioși.
Mi-e dor de mare. Ea îmi liniștește întotdeauna sufletul.
Mi-e dor de simplitate.
Mi-e dor de baloane de săpun.
Mi-e dor de bine și de liniște.
Mi-e dor de curtea școlii și de clopoțel.
Mi-e dor de… tine.

Atât de dor…

There’s no one like ….

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There's no one like ....

Azi…sunt indragostit

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Azi,iata,am vazut un curcubeu
Deasupra lumii sufletului meu.

Azi sunt indragostit. E-un curcubeu
Deasupra lumii sufletului meu.
Izvoarele s-au luminat si suna
Oglinzile ritmandu-si-le-n dans,
Si brazii mei vuiesc fara furtuna
Intr-un ametitor,  sonor balans ,
In vii vibreaza struguri stravezii
Cristalurile cantecelor grele
Si stropi scaparatori de melodii
Ca roua nasc in ierburile mele.
Eu curg intreg in acest cantec sfant :
Eu nu mai sunt,  E-un cantec tot ce sunt….